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Wraptor :: Commercial

How many girls does it take to strap on a Wraptor?” We got four.

A friend was approached by Ropetek Systems to create a video for their Wraptor tree ascender rigs. So he asked me to film what ended up being the Wraptor Girls video. Four pole dancers in yellow go-go boots performing on ropes, suspended from a fifty-foot oak.

Now, bear in mind, this is a product used by arborists, so they can trim lofty tree branches. But the compellingly watchable demonstration proved that anyone could use the simple device, which kind of made the chore fun. And, well, sex sells.

Stills from the shoot, alone, pulled in plenty of customers at a trade show. The Wraptor Girls have since been invited to more. One arborist called the piece “creative genius.” Another viewer gave it that rare, most desired review: “Awesome video! Makes me want one!”

I’ve since moved on from the Panasonic cameras this was shot on. Imagine this on the Canon 5D. Let’s get those ladies back up in the tree.

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