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Brian Wimer, Primary Instigator

Virginia Production Alliance :: Commercial

Yes, I do hear a coffee machine.

I originally pitched this concept to the Virginia Film Festival. Frankly, it works better for the Virginia Production Alliance anyway. We shot it first for the VPA’s Backlot Bash during the Virginia Film Festival, then repurposed it for the VPA’s general outreach. I’m all about maximizing production value.

The notion here was how Virginia has a ton of talented filmmakers, who can collaborate on anything from a film to a commercial. We got a roomful of our good friends in the business to fill Chaps ice cream shop (thanks Tony) and proved the point.

Pulled together conceptually in a weekend. Shot in roughly two hours one Monday morning. The jib shot was Gabe Deloach doing a pick up. That’s my daughter Maya trying to be the ice cream.

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