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Zombie Bikini Apocalypse 2 :: Scene

OK, I don’t know what the first ZOMBIE BIKINI APOCALYPSE was about.

We had already shot DANGER. ZOMBIES. RUN. when the Virginia Production Alliance asked us to shoot a zombie scene at their Backlot Bash party at the Virginia Film Festival. Shoot a scene at a party? Sure, why not. I’m terrible at hobnobbing and small talk anyway.

Already there was a Dirty Dancing group performing and an ark from an Evan Almighty inspired musical number. Plus a Marilyn Monroe look-alike. All I had to was add zombies. (And a beautiful Brandy Mason in a bikini.)

But what scene? DANGER. ZOMBIES. RUN. was about the filming of ZOMBIE BIKINI APOCALYPSE 3. So I decided to provide some backstory from ZOMBIE BIKINI APOCALYPSE 2. Whatever that was.

Everything else fell in place. Including a Dorothy costume and a willing Nina Shamloo to step into the role (and a Tin Man zombie to tear her heart out).

I always love having Lee Washington take off his shirt for film (look for our upcoming BARACK OBAMA, ZOMBIE HUNTER).

We shot this whole scene in a crowded bar in a little over an hour. No script. No rehearsal. Just a dedicated makeup crew, an abusive AD and a tactfully hung green screen. Whew. It’s now in the re-edit of the feature film.

Why they’re singing the Star Spangled Banner at the end? Need you ask? Zombies are Communists and this is the last refuge of … oh, watch the movie.

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