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Open Space :: Viral Video

Rockstar photographer Billy Hunt and performance empressario Jen Tidwell asked me to help a co-working company called Open Space to advertise the opening of their Charlottesville facilities. We all wanted to do something viral that demonstrated the concept with a bit of relevant humor. And was a bit of a stunt.

So, we set up an office cubicle in a parking lot for an afternoon. Jen tried to get some business done and hammed it up with passerby. Billy and I shot the fun. Gene Osborn (of We Are Star Children) wrote the score.

Here’s a little more on Open Space from a local news source.

Open Space Helps Get You Off The Streets November 15th, 2009

Ah, the office life. Your little slice of cubicle heaven: coffee, pictures of children and ‘motivational’ posters adorn the walls, impromptu meetings, copy, fax, file, coffee, scan, e-mail, coffee, repeat.

Jeff Gunther has a slightly different idea for a slightly different workforce here in Charlottesville. For many local mobile warriors, turning wherever you find yourself into a workspace is the status-quo. However, without access to printers, actual desk space, big screen monitors, and conference rooms, Java Java can’t quite provide all we may require (love the mochas though).

Jeff’s idea started with the build out of the new office space located near ACAC in the warehouse district, and extended to provide all that an employee without tethers could require. The space is cleanly designed, with intricate details which make it visually fun to be in. The color scheme, while reminiscent of the Cupertino crew, doesn’t offend us Redmond individuals in the house. The conference/group rooms come in various sizes and goals, with everything from 16 individuals being comfortably seated at a standard oval table, to smaller more tightly knit rooms with multiple monitors and different desk designs.

Pricing is rather reasonable, with hourly rates starting at only $5-$8 depending upon your monthly plan. A concierge is available to assist you in your world conquering goals, book events, and generally clean up after you. Coffee is included. Mon-Fri 8-8, Sat-Sun 12-6.


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