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Pyrometheus :: Behind the Scenes

More melodies about mud and kerosene.

In the PYROMETHEUS feature film treatment/outline, I wrote: “Promethea crawls from the washing machine with a guitar, which she begins to play … Pan takes the guitar from Promethea, howls and begins his own song.” The performers took the rest from there.

Jessica Baraff and Christian Breeden collaborated on the song “The Red Earth.” They practiced a few times and hashed out the lyrics. I had it originally recorded on set, in the Biscuit Run salvage yard. But, at the behest of the performers, we prudently decided to re-record it in a studio. This sequence was our first attempt at a scratch track.

Currently in post-production, PYROMETHEUS is slated to be finished by summertime – once we write and record the entire operatic score. Burning lanterns in the darkness, melting wax down into oil.

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