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Danger. Zombies. Run. :: Feature Film Trailer

In early 2010 I helped create a group called the Filmmakers Republik, a quasi-egalitarian collective of film professionals in Central Virginia. The goal was to help members focus on their specialty in the filmmaking process and increase both the quality and quantity of their annual output, from pre- to post-production. As a loose union of like-minded independents, it hoped to maximize members’ efforts, goals and fantastical pipe-dreams in making film.

Our first major project together was DANGER. ZOMBIES. RUN. The zero-budget feature-length psychological zombie comedy was shot in 48 hours with a crew (eventually) of over one hundred local filmmakers. Six camera crews, three assistant directors and a revolving door of zombies.

The story line went as follows: Zombies attack a crew filming a zombie movie. While the zombie actors chew the scenery, real zombies chew the actors. But what’s really gnawing at them can’t be outrun.

DANGER. ZOMBIES. RUN. asked important soul-searching questions like why we run from zombies, and why they chase us. Turns out, you can’t always run away from your problems. Eventually, they will catch up with you.

From my treatment and outline, the film was in part written by the ensemble cast. It featured the music of Corsair, Astronomers, Thrum and a couple original performances by Christian Breeden of American Dumpster.

What started as an experiment and something to shoot for a weekend of kicks took a life of its own. It won Best Comedy at Fright Night Film Fest 2010. Sold out at the Virginia Film Festival. And drew invitations for submission to festivals nationwide, as well a Scotland, Israel and Czech Republik.

My favorite review was a mixed bag from a blog called Mail Order Zombie, which appropriately dubbed the film: “Like a TV dinner that bled on itself.”

Top photo courtesy of Billy Hunt.


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