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Fiber Optic Angel :: Short Film

Is it too kinky to fall in love with a holiday ornament?

I helped form the Filmmakers Republik to get artists to collaborate. And it’s still working. After making our “bleeding TV dinner” of a zombie movie, we bought back our souls with a redemptive holiday short FIBER OPTIC ANGEL.

M. Trevor Przyuski brought this script and song to the table – and pulled some strings at KMart. Jessica Baraff stepped in when I insisted we re-record the song. And Jason Hatfield rolled in to ring a bell.

It was a great opportunity to work with Sara Eshleman who I’d seen on stage and had been itching to get into a film. Todd Fletcher had just come off the UK horror feature “Portrait of a Zombie.” And we finally got Ike’s Underground on film.

Shot in a day and two nights on the Canon 5D & 7D.

One of the largest challenges was recreating the store-bought angel, life-size.  Sarah’s angelic looks, matched with hair from Anne Marie & Co, Jessika Flint’s sparkly makeup and a few rolls of LED holiday lights under the skirt did the trick.


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