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Here’s where I buy back my soul.

At last a feature film without zombies, blood or orgies. Although there is a nymphomaniac duck.

Another script from M. Trevor Przyuski, Billy Barnwell’s Favorite Friends is a cautionary fable, a sermon of self-discovery, a psychological thesis and a road-trip buddy film wrapped in metaphorical bacon.

It is a feature-length dark comedy about the travels and trials of a dysfunctional troupe of actors performing kid lit for elementary schools. Billy Barnwell is the title character of the faux-classic that echoes Charlotte’s Web (or Anne of Green Gables and Sarah Plain and Tall, depending on your upbringing). While the actors in the troupe enact this “beloved” morality tale for kiddies every day, they drink, spew and screw their nights away, wrestling with their foibles and with each other.

The “Wilbur” in this story is Evan, a man in the midst of an identity crisis who joins the troupe to escape adulthood. He meets Maggie, an actress with a loose grip on reality. She’s the bipolar sheep. There’s also a gay horse and a chicken with anger management issues. This talented group of misfits travels from school to school spreading the joy of literature and a wake of chaos. It doesn’t end with a song about the circle of life. But someone does grow up.

Right now, the film’s in pre-production. And we’re raising funds – in case you know anyone who wants an Executive Producer credit. We’re also looking for product placement: beer, fast food, hotels and U-Haul.

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