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Before the Rain :: Music Video

No, it’s not always zombies. In this case it was ghouls … in love. Of course, there’s redemption, too. And sexy girls with tiny hats.

At a friend’s suggestion I had entered two spec videos for the Norwegian band Royskopp on the website Both were finalists and showed in London somewhere.

I noticed Duran Duran was also looking for videos for their latest album, so I called up the usual suspects for some weekend film fun. Jessica Baraff was the beautiful ghostly bride. And Todd Fletcher from Fiber Optic Angel played our weeping beau (still on the bottle and looking for a supernatural fix). This was the second Duran Duran shoot we did and the most complex.

The song, according to Simon LeBon, was inspired by Purcell. So I took the baroque influence and set a minuet in a graveyard. It’s harder than you’d think to get a dozen ghouls to learn the steps in a few hours. But I had help from Juanita Wilson and Joe Ducette at the Wilson School of Dance.

Ron Shuey cranked out the airbrushing. Jessika Flint finessed the detail work. Ike Eichling supplied the vintage clothes. But after 2 hours of makeup and 2 hours of dance rehearsal we had about 2 hours left to scoot to the graveyard and get our footage before the sun went down. Another one of those multi-camera shoots. Marco Duran shot Canon 7D in slow motion. Kirby Martin tried out the Steadicam Merlin (and took the top photo below). I ran with my Canon 5D.

I did one little pickup shot with my jib the next day. Gotta love that jib. And Jonah Tobias gave me some candy time-lapse flower blooms for a nicely-composited ending.

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