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CLAWney Island :: Viral Video

I love a carnival freakshow. Jim Rose, Coney Island, the Republican presidential ticket. So when CLAW asked us to make a teaser for their upcoming wrestling brawl “CLAWney ISLAND” – how could we say no? Besides, these ladies are tough.

Mermaids, beauty queens, a three-armed wonder and the world’s largest embodiment of positive energy, Strawberry Tallcake. Now, that’s entertainment.

We filmed the entire thing on a blue screen (too much green in the costumes) at Billy Hunt studios – then I pulled it into Final Cut and worked some compositing magic with old postcards. The barker is not CGI (as some have guessed) – it’s a mannequin shot live and superimposed with Jennifer Tidwell’s mouth. The biggest challenge was not making the poses too cheesecake. Just enough weirdness to make you wonder.

You can see the World’s Most Dangerous Women at the CLAWney Island freakshow on Saturday, May 28th at 8 pm at the Blue Moon DIner. Eight ladies with anywhere from 13-19 arms duking it out for the title belt and the trophy. All proceeds go to A FERTILE Foundation which offers unique opportunities for individuals with special needs to connect with nature, animals, and their community.

For ringside seating, contact Tara Hodges at A FERTILE Foundation at Also, don’t miss the funky-ass house band, We Are Star Children , and featured freaky musical act Mister Baby! Plus, Opal should be there swallowing a sword, or hopefully hammering nails into her nose.

Photos below by Billy Hunt.

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