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In 2008, right here in Charlottesville (in the backroom of the Blue Moon Diner), a national movement began. No, it wasn’t politics (we did the Coffee Party thing at Cafe Cubano). It was CLAW – Charlottesville Ladies Arm Wrestlers. And now it’s spreading like cooties.

Brooklyn, Chicago, DC, New Orleans – all across the country, women are signing up for arm wrestling “brawls” dressed as pregnant brides, Indian housewives and the occasional banana. Part theater, part sport, part women’s empowerment and all philanthropy – these events, the brainchild of Jennifer Tidwell and Jodie Plaisance, are raising thousands of dollars for charities while fueling, for some, the fourth wave of feminism. Gloria Steinem, watch out.

Now, we are making a feature documentary about the revolution. A four year saga, starting at its roots, and heading through the 2012 CLAW Roadshow on to the nationals (Vegas?), our CLAW doc is geared toward a festival spot at SXSW, if we grant the Gods their due.

This teaser was created to promote our campaign to raise funds for travel and editing. In the wake of the teaser we’ve done a few media stories – and secured an angel donor who will match whatever funds we raise on Kickstarter. Who says patronage is dead?

The doc is being made in collaboration with superstar photographer Billy Hunt, who takes pictures and makes videos and chews bubblegum – but he is all out of bubblegum. His clients include Modern Luxury, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, More Magazine, Virginia Living Magazine, Urban Ink, Forward/Adelante, and a ton of cool bands, people, and businesses. A few of Billy’s CLAW photos are featured below.

Yeah, this doc’s going to rock.

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