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Caron Treatment Centers :: Commercial

It’s probably karmic. Or maybe I’m just lucky. I do a lot of work for Phil & Co., a Manhattan ad agency that only does campaigns for charities. After all these years in the ad world, it’s about time I saved my soul.

Yeah, the clients are non-profits, so you have to deal with your share of boards and bureaucracies. But at the end of the day, you’re fighting cancer or promoting philanthropy. In this case, I was promoting addiction therapy.

Caron is one of the nation’s leading providers of drug and alcohol addiction therapy for families and individuals. Every year they hold a big old gala – hosted by celebs like Liza Minnelli and Art Garfunkel. This one had one of my favorite curmudgeons: Charles Grodin. And the special guest was jazz legend Dr. John. I also got to script for former Miss USA Tara Conner. Hot stuff. Yes, she was an addict.

The challenge was to cram all this info in a “60 Second Gala.” All that with very little available footage or royalty-free music. And a limited budget for motion graphics. Matt Thomas did the original designs. I messed with them a bit when we hit deadline after the umpteenth sign off.

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