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Beleza Brazil :: Music Video

Make me sweat and fix me mojito. Beleza are a big splash of Brazil, which can turn any patio cafe into a round-trip ticket to South America. The flamenco helps, too.

Madeline and Humberto play what they call funkalicious samba soul. And I kinda wish I had studied more Latin dance. One night another life ago, I found myself at the Copacabana in Manhattan. Yes, that Copacabana. And a woman there told me that if I could salsa, I could have any woman there. Well, I’m married now. But I’d still like to learn to learn to move my hips.

I’ve filmed these folks at various venues. Here’s a performance at Charlottesville’s Jefferson Theater, when they got a little crazy with the face paint. The funny looking bass player is Dave Berzonsky, with whom I went to Peru to film a music doc two years ago. The percussionist Eric co-owns Feast, the best cheese shop in town.

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