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Billy Barnwell :: Feature Film Promo

Did he die of auto-erotic asphyxiation? I dunno. The guy was a bit of an enigma.

As you probably know, were’ making a feature film this summer about the beloved children story Billy Barnwell’s Favorite Friends. What we’re learning about its reclusive author Hugh Chalfont comes mostly from old Atlantic Monthly articles and word of mouth from those who knew him (it’s not all complimentary).

This is an old interview we dug up (in a couple hours) to celebrate the film launch party in June. Some great insights on his blacklisting by Joseph McCarthy, possible Communist leanings, plus a rare poetry reading from his book Weeds and Other Flowers. A true American original.

Word is it was a mink that smothered him. How, we can only imagine.

Should be interesting when we actually get to filming the real movie.

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