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Adrenaline Film Project :: Short Doc

Actually, they should call this the Caffeine Film Project.

Write, shoot and edit a 5 minute short in 72 hours. Kind of like the 48 Hour Film Contests, but this one has a few Hollywood mentors (Jeff Wadlow – Cry Wolf) and a green light system at every stage of production. A perennially sold-out venue at the Virginia Film Festival.

I had participated a few years, won a few awards with some fairly outlandish films. Taste of Evil was a noir detective story set in a refrigerator, where a jar of Miracle Whip tries to find out who killed the ketchup. Hard Boiled was a gritty crime flick where the mob boss was the Easter Bunny. I love the weird things you come up with when you’re sleep deprived.

This year I wanted to make a documentary about the process. The producers decided to make me a participant. So, I had the same time crunch as the teams.

We juggled four cameramen (myself, Rich Tarbell, Jacob Canon and Kent Wiley), pulled in footage and lost a bit of sleep. The resulting film unintentionally won the Jury Runner Up Prize. Not bad for a doc in a narrative venue. This version included the awards and was incorporated in the next days’ screening. As if we hadn’t lost enough sleep.

Incidentally, I had some energy to spare – so I also wrote the script for another team – whose film Attack of the Trailer won the Audience Award (an unsuspecting couple preparing for a dinner party gets sucked into a series of B-movie trailers). So, all in all, it was a productive weekend. Sleep when you’re dead.

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