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Sugar Daddy :: Documentary

You’ve seen Super Size Me. Well, this was more like Sugar Size Me.

A one-man experiment in sugar indulgence. The plan: eat the same 30 teaspoons of added sugar as the average American adolescent – for eight weeks. Periodically check my vitals: weight, blood sugar, vascular health, mental health (looking for ADHD symptoms) and whatever else my team of five doctors cares to look at.

You see, my wife has an online health network: And she’s been getting people to eat less sugar. But there’s been pushback. Some folks – notably registered dietitians – seem to think that sugar is an essential nutrient (which it isn’t). And there’s a huge push by the food and beverage industry to make it seem good for you (just check out the The Hershey Center for Health & Nutrition).

Well, we set out to prove them wrong. And, boy did we. Pre-diabetic in 2 weeks. ADHD in 4 weeks. Rheumatism. Insomnia. Gum disease. And … made my body ripe for cancer. Not to mention changing from a borderline fit 19% body fat to a borderline obese 24% body fat.

I think I’ve had my last Hostess fruit pie. You can read all about it at:

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