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How do you create a buzz, without using honey? (Or money?) Answer: Music.

You know the Beatles song Come Together? Well, apparently John Lennon had originally written it as Timothy Leary’s campaign song, when he ran against Ronald Reagan for Governor of California. Leary got caught with pot and dropped out of the race, but the song remained. Now I know what all those crazy lyrics were about.

Well, my wife Ivana Kadija was running for City School Board. So I asked my musician friend Gene Osborn of We Are Star Children to write her a campaign song, based on her platform that “Health is Academic.”

His song was so good I had some other friends cover it. Next thing you know I have these eight great songs that people are sharing all over facebook (Gene’s original song A Stronger Mind got 100 “likes” and 40 “shares” in three days). Other bands contributing to this project included: Devon Sproule, Birdlips, Beleza Brazil, Dave Berzonsky, Trevor Przyuski, Estela Knott, and Fritz Berry.

I decided they needed videos to go with them – so, in the eleventh hour, I pulled together four videos featuring some of the more popular covers.

The “Health is Academic” platform became so influential, that most of the other candidates adopted some version of it into their bullet points. And, it became the subject of public debates, radio shows and more than a few letters to the editor.

Alas, Ivana lost. And I learned a lot about elections, dirty tricks and the extreme advantages the wealthy have in American politics. But the songs live on. And so does their message.

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