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Everybody likes an underdog. Well, I do anyway.

In the Charlottesville City Council race, we had plenty. The Democrats, who I usually support, had a lock down on the vote. And frankly I thought it was unfair … and undemocratic to ignore the Independents in the race. Everyone deserves a chance to state their platform. I would give them that chance. Thus, Project Underdog was born.

Brandon Collins was running as a Socialist. Yes, a Socialist – card carrying. I thought they were going to tar and feather him.

His affiliation wasn’t some nouveau riche affectation. It was a sincere representation of the starving class. You see, Brandon is a dishwasher the Blue Moon Diner – albeit an overqualified dishwasher. He also plays the cello and teaches music. And he cares about poor people.

I interviewed him for a couple hours at Random Row Books, investigating his stances on poverty, labor and housing. Quite enlightening. You can’t get to the hospital by bus on a Sunday. I didn’t know that. 20% of the city lives below the poverty line. I didn’t know that either.

That’s what there spots were about. Plus some cello. I knew that was going to make them hit home. And the reality of his circumstances. Somebody commented on the videos: “I’ll vote for someone who rides the bus.”

Brandon didn’t win. But he got nearly 1,500 votes. Not bad for a Socialist.

I also did several spots for Independent Bob Fenwick. He got over 2,500 votes. And he also lost. I guess that’s why they’re called underdogs. And I still love them.

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